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There are many places online that list data entry and other types of work at home. You are right, there are many scams out there, and I would advise you to stay away from anything that ask you for money to work for them. You should not pay to work for someone!!!

There are lot of sites that charge you for books or information about companies that hire telecommuters. Don't buy them, they are a rip-off! You're better off going to corporate web sites that operate a division in your area, and asking if they hire telecommuters. Many large companies do. This information is also available free on many web sites, like this one. They look for online call centre employees. You can find jobs like these at many of the references I've given, this left side of the page. If you would like more information about telecommunicating, and how it works, here are some good resources. Finally, I must say, don't get discouraged. It took me a year to find my first telecommunicating full-time job, and it ended during the "dot.dumb" last year. However, during that time I built up a client base, and I never stop looking for new work. You can work at home, and love it! It just takes time and perseverance. I spent part of each week, (and sometimes each day) looking for jobs, filling out employment applications, and searching for freelance opportunities. Working at home isn't easy, but it's the best career option I've found! I hope you find a great job, and love working at home as much as I do!

Try this search on Google to find a list of telecommuting and work at home jobs, but remember, beware of anything that wants money from you up front!

Just an additional warning - probably not necessary. Ignore any want ads in newspapers for this sort of work, they are 99.99% scams.

Having worked as a freelancer for 24 years now I can promise that  there are opening. I want to suggest that you advertise in a local paper since data entry will probably require you to get actual papers and for that a local business is easiest to deal with.



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